A song that captures the viewer on first sight of an unlikely green ogre come hero for the film Shrek (2001).  Little did I know that the lyrics of the song would actually hint towards the storyline unfolding with specific reference to this phrase quoted above “…and we could all use a little change”.  The characters in this film are constantly confronted with change.  Whether it was Shrek’s swamp being swamped by fairy-tale creatures, Fiona’s now infamous metamorphosis from princess to ogre (or ogre to princess), a talking donkey that starts out as an annoyance becoming a friend, a dragon that breathes fire becoming a lover, and not to mention a whole host of fairy-tale conventions being challenged throughout the film adding for comedic relief.  I remember the film being somewhat of a first, a break from the normal animations at the time and being very successful in the process.  It might start to feel more like a film review and not so much a blog about psychology, but I assure you that is not the case. This is a blog about psychology.  My approach to it, at least.  You see, I often make use of reference to movies in my sessions, as I find it to be relatable and an easy source of information (especially regarding themes in everyday life and therapy).  Shrek serves as an introduction to the concept that the only constant in life is change. Part of the process of therapy is to bring forth change, to facilitate growth and a different or new perspective on the current lived experience.  What often gets neglected is the idea that change can actually bring one to seek therapy.  Change is not always easy, expected or even wanted, yet it is inevitable.  Adjustment Disorders Change, or rather the response to it, when it becomes pathological can be referred to as an Adjustment Disorder.  Adjustment disorders are identified by the following criteria:

  • Development of emotional and/or behavioural symptoms in response to a stressor;
  • The symptoms are clinically significant;
    • Disproportionally severe or intense distress;
    • Impairment in social functioning;
    • Impairment in occupational functioning;
    • Impairment in relationships;
  • Does not meet the criteria for any other psychopathology.

Life changes I had a supervisor once who said that all psychopathology is an adjustment disorder of sorts.  And I guess I would have to agree with him.  If change is constantly happening, we are in a continuous process of adjustment and at times we find it more difficult than others and this can present as depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders etc.  As a clinical psychologist and a human being, I am not immune to these changes.  Some change, I choose.  Other change, just happens.  Part of the change that I am choosing at the moment is this blog.  This is something new for RTPsychology (or Renardo Treurnich, Clinical Psychologist) that will form part of the “Abbreviations” section of the website.  Other change that is also happening is a change of address.  The practice has moved to Vermilion Dental & Health, 145 Rigel Avenue North, Waterkloof Ridge.  I invite you to join me on this journey, this adventure we call life (or something like it).  To share in the lived experiences, the good and the bad, the predictable and the unforeseen, so we can create the potential for change.  Is that not what psychotherapy is all about? Life, the universe and everything…